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大義經典中醫水藥煮法及相關說明 Instructions for Cooking Herbal Medicine and Related Information


Instructions for Cooking Herbal Medicine and Related Information

1、 煮生藥用的鍋子:Pot for cooking raw herbs

① 陶瓷鍋最好。A ceramic pot is preferred

② 康寧鍋或不銹鋼鍋亦可。Corning pot or stainless steel pot can also be used.

③ 不可用鐵鍋或鋁鍋煮中藥。Do not use iron or aluminum pots to cook Chinese herbs.

④ 不要用電鍋或啞巴媳婦煮中藥,因沒有達到水火煉藥效果。Do not use an electric cooker or electric pot (Ya Ba Xi Fu) to cook Chinese medicine as it will not achieve the desired effect of refining the herbs through water and fire.

2、 煮藥程序說明:(以 9 碗水煮成 3 碗水說明)

Instructions for preparing medicinal decoctions:

(using the example of reducing 9 cups of water to 3 cups of water)

① 將藥材倒入鍋子,先倒入 3 碗水(指一般吃飯的小碗,一碗約 8oz ,約 240 ml),看一下 3 碗水的高度大約在鍋子的哪一高度。Pour the raw herbs into the pot, add 3 cups of water (referring to a small rice bowl, approximately 8oz or 240ml), and mark the level of the water.

② 接著倒入剩下的 6 碗水,(共 9 碗水),浸泡 1 小時。

Add the remaining 6 cups of water (total of 9 cups), and soak for 1 hour.

③ 切三大片生薑放入藥中共同浸泡。

Cut three large slices of fresh ginger and put them in the pot to soak together with the herbs.

④ 浸泡 1 小時後,開大火煮滾(要蓋鍋蓋,但不要蓋緊,留一小縫),視鍋子底座大小及受熱面積,大約 20-30 分鐘會煮滾。

After soaking for 1 hour, boil over high heat (with the lid on, but not tightly closed, leaving a small gap) for approximately 20-30 minutes, depending on the size of the pot base and heating surface.

⑤ 煮滾後,轉中小火繼續滾 1 小時,至少一定要再滾 1 小時,不要超過 1.5 小時,一路滾到 3 碗水的高度。(若火太大,則燒不到 1小時就會煮到三碗;若火太小,則燒超過 1.5 小時還沒煮到 3碗,所以請注意火的大小。)

After boiling, reduce the heat to medium-low and continue to simmer for 1 hour. It must be simmered for at least 1 hour and not more than 1.5 hours, until the water level is reduced to 3 cups. (If the heat is too high, it will boil down to 3 cups before 1 hour; if the heat is too low, it will take more than 1.5 hours to boil down to 3 cups. Therefore, please pay attention to the heat and adjust it accordingly.)

⑥ 滾到 3 碗水的高度時,即關火;十分鐘後把湯藥倒出,裝入陶瓷碗或玻璃瓶中保存,分成 3 碗服用(請不要倒入塑膠碗),一般一天喝 2 碗即可。請依醫囑服用。

When the water level reaches 3 cups, turn off the heat. Wait for 10 minutes before pouring the decoction into a ceramic bowl or glass bottle for storage. Divide into 3 servings (do not use a plastic bowl), usually drinking 2 servings a day. Please follow the doctor's instructions.

⑦ 當日沒有喝完的,冷了之後放入冰箱中保存,隔日取出加熱後再服用,儘量用瓦斯爐或電鍋加熱,儘量不要用微波爐加熱。

If there is leftover decoction for the day, store it in the refrigerator after it has cooled down. Take it out the next day, heat it up with a gas stove or electric cooker. Avoid using a microwave oven.

⑧ 中藥只煮一次,以確保中藥濃度;中藥藥渣請不要扔掉,請拿去後院堆肥,可以增進土質,改善土壤,天然肥料。

Chinese herbs should only be cooked once to ensure the concentration of the medicinal properties. Do not discard the herbal residue. Instead, take it to the backyard for composting, which can improve soil quality and serve as a natural fertilizer.

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