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所有患者必須遵守事項 Patients are required to adhere to the following guidelines:

所有患者必須遵守事項:Patients are required to adhere to the following guidelines:

1. 多食用天然食物,儘量避免服用任何化學方式合成或生產出之维生素及營養補充食品。

Eat natural foods as much as possible and avoid taking any chemically synthesized or produced vitamins and nutritional supplements.

2. 儘量避免服用鈣片及降膽固醇藥,透過天然方式治療過程中,調整身心飲食作息,逐量遞減類固醇、抗憂鬱及抗焦慮症的藥。

Try to avoid taking calcium supplements and cholesterol-lowering drugs. During the natural healing process, adjust your lifestyle, diet, and sleep patterns. Gradually reduce the use of steroids, antidepressants, and anti-anxiety drugs.

3. 內科病患者、尤其是重症患者忌服:海鮮(所有水裏的動物)、生冷寒涼、冰品、牛奶、人工甜食,否則會影響治療。不要過多大魚大肉,少葷多素,多吃溫熱素食,否則癌細胞容易生長。奶製品如牛奶、乳酪、冰淇淋等,可多食用天然豆奶或米漿、五穀漿來代替。

Patients with internal medicine diseases, especially those with severe illnesses, should avoid eating seafood (all aquatic animals), raw and cold foods, all dairy products including frozen treats, and artificial sweeteners, as they may affect the treatment. Eat less meat and fish but more vegetables, especially warm and cooked vegetarian food, otherwise, cancer cells are prone to grow. Dairy products such as milk, cheese, and ice cream can be replaced with natural soy milk, rice milk, and grain milk.

4. 儘量避免使用人工糖及人工糖所製造的甜食如巧克力,餅乾,糖果,可樂等;


Try to avoid using artificial sweeteners and sweet treats made from them, such as chocolate, cookies, candy, cola, etc. Those who like sweet treats can use natural cane sugar or honey instead of other sugars.

5. 多吃海鹽或是岩鹽來代替人工的精煉鹽。

Eating sea salt or rock salt is recommended to replace refined salt.


Try to drink less coffee, especially for those with added creamer. Replace it with warm water or warm herbal tea, such as ginger tea, if possible.

7. 多食用天然食物來代替營養補充食品,避免食用太多營養添加物的食物。

It is recommended to consume more natural foods instead of nutritional supplements and avoid consuming foods with excessive added nutrients.

8. 喝溫水,薑茶,少喝酒及其他人工飲料。

It is recommended to drink warm water, ginger tea, and limit alcohol and other artificial beverages.

9. 腎病病人及水腫病人要少鹽飲食。腎病病人禁止吃楊桃。

Patients with kidney disease and edema should follow a low-sodium (salt) diet. Patients with kidney disease must avoid eating starfruit.

10. 禁食含大量環境荷爾蒙之食品如:雞皮丶舌頭、動物腺體。


Avoid consuming foods that contain high levels of environmental hormones, such as chicken skin, tongue, and animal glands. It is also recommended to reduce the intake of animal products in order to lower the accumulation of yin and acidity in the body.

11. 女性在月經來前一週及經期期間一定要避免吃生冷食物及飲料。

Women should avoid eating raw or cold foods and drinks during the week before and during their menstrual cycle.

12. 多接近大自然,在溫暖陽光時下,每日走路至少半小時至 45 分鐘。


Getting closer to nature and walking in the warm sunshine for at least 30 to 45 minutes daily is highly recommended.

Remember: no form of exercise can replace walking under the sun.

13. 不抱怨,多寬容,保持喜悅清淨之心,使氣血通暢,多為行義之事,立行有益眾人身心靈之務,常懷感恩之心,每日對天地祈禱,生發光明正氣,並檢討反省改正自己負面的言行,改變使之端正,讓身心靈確實活化起來,心要大,不要活在自己的小知小見中。

Don't complain and practice more tolerance. Keep a joyful and pure heart to promote the smooth flow of qi and blood. Engage in righteous deeds that benefit the physical, mental, and spiritual well-being of others. Cultivate a grateful heart and offer daily prayers to the heavens and earth, fostering positive energy. Reflect on and correct any negative speech or behavior to bring it in line with virtuous conduct. Let your mind be expansive and don't confine yourself to narrow-mindedness.

14. 要對自己有信心,不要只想著依賴藥物,要相信自己一定會漸入佳境,保持正向光明的心志,與人為善,日行一善,不論是實際行動,或是心中發出為他人祝福的祈禱,都是可以的,都在行陽。



Believe in yourself and have confidence. Don't rely solely on medication, trust that you will gradually improve. Keep a positive and optimistic attitude, be kind to others and perform daily acts of kindness. Whether through practical actions or heartfelt prayers for others, both contribute to positive energy.

This is crucial, don't live in misery and illness, you must step out of it. Otherwise, you will only be pushing yourself towards darkness.

Always remember, the light will come and the darkness will fade away. Keep going and stay strong!

15. 對於心態與習慣的學習改變,最簡單的調整方式,就是一而再、再而三的重複,那個善良的新行為,使它在腦海裡成為粗壯的神經鏈。若發現有什麼能取代舊行為的新行為,就在腦海裡不斷積極往正面想,直到覺得它能使你脫離痛苦,而感到快樂為止。這時,它便能在腦子裡建立起神經衢道,使新行為維持長久,若不能在腦子裡,建立起新的神經衢道,就容易又恢復到不正確的舊有行為。


The simplest way to adjust one's mindset and habits is through repetition. Repeating a new, positive behavior strengthens neural pathways in the brain. When searching for a new behavior to replace an old one, think positively about it repeatedly until you feel that it can help you escape from pain and bring you joy. At this point, the new behavior can establish neural pathways in the brain and be maintained in the long term. If new neural pathways are not established in the brain, it is easy to revert to the incorrect old behavior.

By reviewing and practicing consistently, new learning and changes in mentality can lead to the expansion of neural pathways. Eventually, these pathways can become familiar and habitual, connecting various acts of kindness and becoming a part of our daily routine. As a result, the inscription on the plate Tang reads, "Strive for renewal every day, with every day bringing new experiences and insights."

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