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居家常用中藥用法 Common Use of Chinese Medicine at Home


Common Use of Chinese Medicine at Home

(成人用量一次 6-8 克,小兒用量一次 1-3 克,三餐飯前半小時,或飯後一小時服用一次,

症狀嚴重者,每 3-4 小時可服一次。)

(Adult dosage: 6-8 grams per time; Child dosage: 1-3 grams per time; Take once before meals half an hour or one hour after meals. For severe symptoms, take every 3-4 hours.)

(1) 桂枝湯:感冒初起,發熱惡寒,微燒,咽喉不適,有汗出,身體無力,或肌肉酸痛。

Gui Zhi Tang: For the early stage of a cold, with symptoms including fever, chills, low-grade fever, discomfort in the throat, sweating, weakness in the body, and sometimes muscle soreness.

(2) 小青龍湯:感冒,流清鼻涕,咳嗽,清痰,發熱怕冷,或發燒,喉嚨癢。

Xiao Qing Long Tang: For common cold with symptoms including clear nasal discharge, cough, clear phlegm, fever with aversion to cold, or fever, and itchy throat.

(3) 葛根湯(Covid 常用方之一):

Ge Gen Tang (one of the commonly used formulas for COVID-19):

① 小兒發燒最常用方。服之發汗後可退燒,可預防高熱抽筋、痙攣。

The most commonly used formula for children with fever. After taking it, sweating can be induced, which helps to reduce the fever and prevent high fever from causing convulsions and spasms.

② 感冒發燒,脖子僵硬,肩背僵硬,無汗,喉嚨不適、肌肉酸痛。

For cold with fever, stiff neck, shoulders, and back, no sweating, discomfort in the throat, and muscle soreness.

(4) 麻杏甘石湯:感冒發燒,出汗,咳嗽,黃痰,氣喘。

Ma Xing Gan Shi Tang: For colds and fevers, sweating, coughing, yellow phlegm, and asthma.

(5) 大青龍湯:疫病,禽流感,Sars、肺部感染常用方。發燒,無汗,咳嗽,黃痰,無胃口,高燒。

Da Qing Long Tang: This formula is commonly used for epidemics, avian flu, SARS, and respiratory infections(呼吸系统感染 如果专门特指肺部感染,就用 Lung infections.)Symptoms include fever, lack of sweating, cough, yellow phlegm, loss of appetite, and high fever.

(6) 射干麻黃湯:氣喘,喉中如有哮鳴音。痰稀。肺氣腫、白色泡沫痰。

She Gan Ma Huang Tang: For asthma, with wheezing in the throat and thin phlegm. It can also be used for pulmonary edema and white foamy phlegm.

(7) 麥門冬湯:乾咳,支氣管炎、支氣管痙攣、乾咳不止。無痰。

Mai Men Dong Tang: For dry cough, bronchitis, bronchospasm, and persistent dry cough without phlegm.

(8) 大義千金葦莖湯(Covid 常用方之一):


Da Yi Qian Jin Wei Jing Tang (one of the commonly used formulas for Covid)

For pneumonia, deep-seated phlegm, chest pain, tightness in the chest, persistent coughing, and phlegm that is yellow, thick, or green. Other symptoms may include a sore throat, coughing with a bloody taste, and lung wall injuries.

(9) 大義喉蛾方:扁桃腺發炎,喉嚨痛、紅腫,吞口水就痛。

Da Yi Hou E Fang: For tonsillitis, sore and swollen throat, and pain when swallowing saliva.

(10) 川芎茶調散:頭痛(尤其是前額頭痛;若偏頭痛加小柴胡湯)

Chuan Xiong Cha Tiao San: For headaches (especially those that occur in the forehead area. If the headache is a migraine, Xiao Chai Hu Tang can be added to the treatment.)

(11) 辛夷散:流鼻涕。清、黃涕皆可用。

Xin Yi San: For runny nose. Clear or yellow nasal discharge can be treated.

(12) 小柴胡湯:女子月經期間的感冒一律用小柴胡湯加減。或感冒時忽冷忽熱、噁心、無胃口、口乾、頭暈、目眩。

Xiao Chai Hu Tang: For women who catch a cold during menstruation, with modification as needed. It can also be used for cold symptoms such as sudden chills and fever, nausea, loss of appetite, dry mouth, dizziness, and vertigo.

(13) 五苓散:口渴,小便不利。或小兒吐奶。或發燒汗出不來,用五苓散,使熱從小便出。

WuLing San: For thirst and difficulty urinating. It can also be used for infants who spit up milk or for cases of fever with the inability to sweat, as Wu Ling San can help remove heat through urination.

(14) 葛根芩連湯:拉肚子,熱利,拉出來的非常臭,味道重。

Ge Gen Qin Lian Tang: For diarrhea with foul-smelling stool and heavy odor.

(15) 藿香正氣散:水土不服,上吐下瀉,寒利,拉出來水水的,沒什麼味道。

Huo Xiang Zheng Qi San: experiencing discomfort in a new environment or weather, vomiting and diarrhea, watery stool, and having little smell.

(16) 平胃散:腸胃不適,腹脹腹痛。

Ping Wei San: For gastrointestinal discomfort, bloating, and abdominal pain.

(17) 四逆湯:心臟無力,四肢冰冷。一切寒症皆可用。

Si Ni Tang: For weak heart and cold limbs. It can be used for all cold syndromes.

(18) 附子理中湯:脾胃虛寒、飲食不化、脘腹冷痛、嘔吐泄瀉、四肢不溫、一切沈寒痼疾。

Fu Zi Li Zhong Tang: For spleen and stomach deficiency cold, indigestion, cold and painful abdomen, vomiting and diarrhea, coldness in the limbs, and all types of deep-seated cold diseases.

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